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Mullins Law Firm's mission is to provide its clients - in every case or legal project entrusted to the firm - with personalized, careful and hands-on legal services to help them achieve their goals. This approach to law practice is the hallmark of a successful lawyer and law firm. For more than thirty years, this is the way Jim Mullins, the firm's owner and attorney, has practiced law. Clients come to Mullins Law Firm from all parts of the United States for this experienced, thoughtful approach to legal opportunities and challenges in Oregon and Washington.

Mullins Law Firm is located in Vancouver, Washington - a part of the greater Portland, Oregon - Vancouver, Washington metropolitan area - home to 2.2 million people in the center of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Most of the firm's work is cases and legal projects in Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania Counties in Washington and Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties in Oregon. But Jim's quality legal work and reputation leads clients to ask him to venture farther afield. In the course of his career, he has handled cases and legal projects throughout Oregon and Washington and traveled to many parts of America in connection with his cases.

Jim gained experience in many areas of civil law practice in his early years as a lawyer by working for a true "general practice" lawyer, handling a broad range of cases and projects in civil law practice. Jim's legal experience from his early years in practice gives him a distinct advantage over many lawyers. He has a "big picture" view of legal issues and problems and how they fit together - something few lawyers have today when so many work in only a few areas of the law from the start of their careers. Jim's legal experience serves his clients well - enabling him to see legal issues, strategies and connections that other lawyers might miss. For instance, a client may come to the firm with a real estate problem but not realize until speaking with Jim that there are insurance, business, or litigation issues in the case also which must be considered.

As his career progressed, Jim focused his law practice on business and corporate law, employment, real estate, insurance and civil litigation, and developed deep expertise in these areas. After many years as a partner in well-respected law firms, Jim established his own law firm in 2005 to continue his work in these areas.

Jim is licensed to practice law in Washington and Oregon. He is a member of the bars of all the state and federal courts in Washington and Oregon and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Mullins Law Firm's office is within easy walking or driving distance to all the state and federal courthouses and business and governmental centers in the Portland - Vancouver metro area. Other major business and population centers in the Pacific Northwest - the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area to the north and Salem, Eugene and the Willamette Valley of Oregon to the south along the I-5 corridor, and major Pacific Northwest tourism and recreation areas - the Pacific coast of Oregon and Washington and the Columbia River Gorge and Central Oregon and Washington to the east and west - are within reasonable driving distance from the firm's office.

Mullins Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to help clients with their legal needs in business, real estate, employment, insurance and civil litigation, including arbitration and mediation, throughout Oregon and Washington. If you would like to discuss becoming a client of Mullins Law Firm, please contact us or visit our Request Information page.