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Disputes happen. Business owners quarrel, a real estate deal doesn't go as planned, neighbors dispute the location of their boundary, financial difficulties occur and a debt is not paid, a key employee leaves or is discharged and problems result, a loss or claim occurs and a question develops about insurance coverage - and the list goes on. Disputes never are pleasant but they must be dealt with and resolved - sooner rather than later. The cost to do so - in money and time - always is a consideration.

Individuals and small and mid-size businesses turn to Mullins Law Firm for vigorous and cost-effective representation in business, real estate, employment and insurance disputes. Jim Mullins is an experienced litigation lawyer. For many years, he has helped hundreds of clients resolve their Oregon and Washington legal disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation in state and federal courts.

Thorough knowledge of a case is important - it can pay dividends to a client in a better outcome. Jim pays careful attention to the details throughout the case process - from initial case evaluation through final resolution of the case. Quality communication also is important. Jim takes care to understand his client's goals for a case. He works to keep his client closely informed about the case. The firm's client is involved in the decision-making throughout the case.

Many disputes end with a compromise settlement. Jim takes care that the settlement documents fully settle all the claims that are in dispute. Equally important is that the settlement documents not result in an inadvertent release of other claims that a client wishes to continue to hold open against other parties to the settlement. Jim devotes the time required for careful drafting of case documents.

Sometimes a dispute cannot be settled without a trial in court or a private arbitration hearing. Mullins Law Firm is prepared for this. Jim Mullins has handled numerous complex multi-party and multi-claim lawsuits and arbitrations. He has tried cases to verdict in the courtroom and to a final arbitration award in private arbitration proceedings. He has represented clients in appeals of trial court decisions and in lawsuits to confirm arbitration awards.

Jim brings important value to the mediation and arbitration process if this approach is employed to settle a dispute. In addition to serving as an advocate for clients in numerous mediation and arbitration cases, he serves as a neutral mediator and arbitrator at the request of courts and disputing parties and their lawyers to help the parties reach a resolution of their dispute outside of court. Jim appreciates how arbitrators and mediators work because he has served as an arbitrator and mediator.

Contact Mullins Law Firm to take advantage of Jim Mullins' extensive experience in Oregon and Washington civil litigation to settle business, real estate, employment and insurance disputes.