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Jim Mullins has represented clients in a wide variety of business, real estate, employment and insurance disputes. Jim's clients in recent years include -
  • shareholders and limited liability company members in disputes regarding the division of profits and losses from their businesses - in some cases the clients also were major lenders to their businesses or guarantors of significant business debts owing to banks or other lenders
  • health care professionals in disputes regarding their professional practices - cases involved restrictions on practice due to restrictive covenants in employment contracts, disputes over buy-outs of interests in professional practices, and the financing of a practice by a person not properly licensed for the professional work performed by the practice
  • employers and employees concerning claims of breach of non-competition agreements
  • a professional sued for malpractice - the client's malpractice insurance company initially resisted assuming the defense - the professional was defended against the malpractice claim and a claim for insurance coverage was pursued successfully, resulting in the malpractice insurance company undertaking the client's defense and settling the claim on behalf of the client
  • a purchaser of expensive, specialized machinery when the machinery was not delivered as promised after the purchaser paid for it
  • employers and professionals and executive-level employees in disputes about discharge from employment
  • employers and management-level employees sued by former employees for alleged illegal discrimination
  • commercial lenders concerning foreclosures of trust deeds, mortgages and real estate contract interests
  • contractors, suppliers and property owners concerning construction lien foreclosures
  • a homeowner financially damaged when a subdivision developer failed to properly compact the ground beneath the home, causing damage to the home when the land beneath the home slid
  • a homeowner financially damaged when a home inspector negligently failed to detect significant defects in the home's wiring, which had to be repaired later at high cost
  • sub-contractors and materials suppliers regarding insurance coverage for claims by homeowners for construction defects
  • an owner/developer of a large mixed-use real estate project sued by a contractor in a dispute about how much the contractor was owed for its work building the project - the lawsuit was settled after extended pre-trial investigation to identify and value the work actually performed by the contractor and litigation about the validity of the contractor's construction lien
Jim Mullins has represented clients in challenging business, real estate, employment and insurance disputes in Oregon and Washington for more than thirty years. Contact Mullins Law Firm to discuss enlisting his help to solve a serious legal dispute.