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Employees can be a business' most valuable assets. Mullins Law Firm helps with employment law needs when help is needed. Jim Mullins provides good and practical legal advice on many aspects of employment law to small and mid-size businesses and their owners - sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and joint ventures - and to professionals such as physicians, dentists and accountants, and executive and professional-level employees. Jim advises and represents employers and executive and professional-level employees regarding -
  • recruitment, hiring and discipline of employees
  • negotiation of employment contracts
  • negotiation and enforcement of non-competition, non-disclosure, confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements
  • discharge from employment, including negotiation of severance agreements
He helps clients in the midst of difficult and delicate employment situations, such as allegations of harassment or illegal discrimination, or breach of an employment contract. He works proactively to prevent an allegation or a dispute from becoming a public relations problem, and helps deal with the situation if the allegation or dispute becomes public.

Employers and executive and professional-level employees also look to Mullins Law Firm for advice and vigorous representation in employment litigation. Jim brings his considerable experience in litigation work to help the firm's clients. He handles employment disputes and litigation in all the federal and state courts in Oregon and Washington and handles cases which may need to be resolved through arbitration and other private dispute resolution procedures. Jim works diligently to achieve the best possible outcome from an employment dispute for his clients.

Contact Mullins Law Firm for practical, cost-effective solutions to employment law challenges in Oregon and Washington.