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Insurance is critical for people and businesses. They rely on insurance when a claim or loss occurs but they may not fully understand the benefits and protections they are entitled to. Often they do not understand what insurance coverage is available to them or understand their rights and responsibilities when insurance is involved. Good and practical legal advice is needed to understand the complexities of insurance.

Mullins Law Firm helps people and businesses solve insurance problems. Jim Mullins has worked on insurance cases throughout his many years in law practice. Jim brings his considerable insurance law experience to help the firm's clients obtain insurance benefits that are due when they have a claim or loss which may be covered by insurance. He has the skill to recognize the potential for insurance coverage others may miss.

Jim helps clients -
  • understand the maze of complex insurance policy language and identify the insurance benefits they are entitled to under a wide variety of personal and business policies
  • report claims to their insurance companies to preserve their insurance coverage
  • deal with the insurance company paperwork and process to obtain insurance benefits that are due
  • respond to "reservation of rights" letters when insurance companies contest their obligation to provide insurance benefits
Jim also helps the firm's clients by monitoring claims handled by their insurance companies to be sure they receive a vigorous defense against claims and obtain the full benefit of their insurance coverage. When a client has too little insurance coverage to fully cover the potential financial risk from a claim, Jim works to maximize the client's insurance coverage, minimize the financial risk, and settle the claim as soon as possible.

If litigation is required to resolve an insurance problem, Mullins Law Firm is ready for the challenge. Jim Mullins handles insurance disputes and litigation in all the federal and state courts in Oregon and Washington and handles cases which will be resolved through arbitration and other private dispute resolution procedures.

Mullins Law Firm helps clients understand and obtain insurance benefits that can reduce or eliminate potentially crippling financial loss. Contact Mullins Law Firm to discuss Oregon and Washington insurance problems.